East Texas Wellbore Cleanout 10.5 lb Dehydrated Drilling Mud, Plus Sand and Debris in 5 Hours, 22 Minutes with Extreme Pulse Technology (ExP)

Location: Cotton Valley, East Texas

Problem: 10.5 lb dehydrated drilling mud and sand bridges in wellbore with some scale

Objective: Utilize 1.25″ CT with the 1.33” ExP BHA to remove sand, mud and debris from inside the tubing and wellbore, utilizing produced water and N2 (when needed)

Spot 10% inhibited and nitrified acid across the perforations to help with stimulation of the formation

Procedure: The ExP surge clean out tool was deployed via 1.25″ third party coiled tubing. An initial pump rate of 0.25 bbls/min with 300 CFM N2 was pumped with circulating pressures of 2,000psi

Wellbore Cleanout Operation

When the first sand bridge was encountered at 6,183′ the CT was picked up by 50ft and the fluid rate was increased to 0.5 bbls/min with 200lbs WOB, which removed the bridge. At 8,621′ a second bridge was encountered. Within 10 minutes the coil pushed through more blockages. The ExP surge cleanout tool continued to remove the obstructions in a timely manner to TD.

Upon complete removal of all debris, 10% mud acid was spotted across the perforations to help stimulate the near wellbore region of the well.

Total Time from RIH to TD: 5 hours, 22 minutes

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Result Removed all drilling mud, sand and debris
Pre-ExP Power Sub 60-80 MCF (Gross)
Post ExP Power Sub 360-440 MCF (Gross)
Tubing 2 3/8″
Casing 5.5″
Well TD 9,650 ft
CT Size 1.25″
CT Speed 50 to 100 ft/min
Circulation PSI 1,900 to 6,000
Fluid Flow Rate 0.25 bbls to 0.75 bbls/min
N2 Flow 300 to 400 CFM
Acid 2,000 gallons


Extreme Pulse Technology (ExP) implements multi-flow conditioning patterns through a series of resonating chambers, which create dynamic high and low pressure events during workover (cleanout) operations.

The ExP surge clean out tool can be utilized in oil, gas and water wells for optimal cleaning of the wellbore and near wellbore regions. When utilized for surge clean out of injection, wastewater and disposal wells the ExP will help improve injectivity by breaking and removing debris within the near region. Read more about ExP

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